Locksmith’s Guidelines: Signs That Your Property Has Been Intruded

During the Christmas holiday, burglars break into homes and businesses taking the advantage of your absence. So how to tell if someone has tried to break into your property? It’s better to look for the signs of forced entry. 

After tampering with the locks, burglars generally break in through the front or back door of the property. A failed entry encourages them to take a second chance. If they couldn’t, thank God, perhaps someone would have scared them away.

So, if you want to keep your home and business protected during this holiday season, continue reading the blog till the end. 


Ways To Tell If Someone Wanted To Break Into Your Home :


Consider the following three signs to determine whether someone has tried to break into your home. 

Scratched Locks :

ear and tear in old locks are very common. But, if you see scrapes or deep cuts on the edges of your locks, there is a reason to be worried. 

Wear and tear in old locks are very common. But, if you see scrapes or deep cuts on the edges of your locks, there is a reason to be worried. 

The thieves or intruders might have tried to manipulate the lock tumblers to open the door. Yes, it’s possible to unlock the door without a key, especially with tools like screwdrivers with sharp points or picks. To increase the layer of protection on your property, it’s better to call our professional locksmiths to install smart locks. 


When the lock stops working properly :


Perhaps you are back from vacation, but the key doesn’t properly fit the lock. And, if there is no significant sign of damage on the lock, you can tell someone has tried to enter the property forcefully.

A faulty key is a significant sign of bumping by burglars. Maybe someone has used an improvised key to forcefully unlock the tumblers. Please make sure to contact a locksmith in OKC city to fix a broken lock or install smart locks to prevent burglars.


Damaged Lock  :


What could be the visible work of amateur burglars? Correct answer – Forced entry! When you return, you will find debris, scratches,  splinters, or a dented lock. 

That’s why to lessen the chances of this from happening again, contact us today. We will install more secure locks or an alarm to scare off burglars. 

The Wrap-Up :


Look for the above signs detailing someone trying to break into your home. If you want to hire a professional locksmith service to safeguard your property, Union Locksmith will always be at your rescue. 

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